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Table for Eight


Four couples from completely different backgrounds and from completely different areas of the country meet on a cruise, highlighting passage through the Panama Canal. Eight different personalities share the same table in the ship’s dining room. Their differences lead to the development of many story lines, including death(s), an unusual funeral, a variety of musical scenarios, and, of course, romance. The eight end up as five plus—but how—and why? Only reading this story will answer the questions.


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Murder on Cape Cod


Jennie Worth, an avid duplicate-bridge player, plans a trip to Cape Cod with her favorite partner, Phil Waterman. Marianne Fleck, one of the players from her area, is also planning to be there with her partner, Sue Adams.


Marianne is haughty, selfish, extremely self-absorbed—and rich. Her character provides the fodder from which a fascinatingly evil character develops. Her daughter, Lydia, joins Marianne and Sue at her mother’s request despite their obvious intense dislike for each other.


During the tournament, Sue is murdered and police chief John Wells, with Jennie and Phil’s help, launches an extensive investigation in an attempt to solve the puzzle as he pulls seemingly unrelated pieces together.


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