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What brought you to this page? Is it Murder Mysteries you’re looking for, or exciting Adult Fiction? Fasten your seat belt because you’ve hit the mother lode. I’m offering you terrific original novels in both genres as well as a Family History, dealing with my parents’ flight from Nazi Germany and their integration into American life. And there’s even a short story which should appeal to seniors dealing with family relationships. Take your pick–or read them all!!


Long Time Passing: History of a Jewish Family


The Holocaust was real. The Nazis wanted the Jews out, preferably exterminated. But some, recognizing their situation and/or being encouraged by others, managed to leave in time to build a new life elsewhere.

This is the story of two people, Hans and Hilde, who found the courage to escape to the United States, settle into a good life and then help other family members do the same. How other members of their family survived the Nazis (or did not survive) provides a wealth of information about life in this terrible time in Germany, Holland, Israel, and in the U.S.

Joining the U.S. army in gratitude for the opportunities given to them in their new country, Hans, a medical doctor, found himself in the Philippines in the thick of the fighting. Soldiers returning home from a war rarely talk about their experiences; Hans certainly didn’t. But his daily letters home, discovered only after Hilde’s death, detailed his experiences in combat and provided rare insight into life under fire.

Chock full of old pictures, not only of people but of papers and documents, we are reminded that, with today’s reliance on e-mail, the wealth of hand-written letters and pictures, many from the earlier days of photography, may not be available to families in the future.

Despite the obvious personal orientation of this story, many nonfamily readers have found themselves drawn into the history and life of people they had never met. Surprised at the general acceptance of this book, the author decided to offer it to others who might be interested in a true story of a time many may prefer to forget—but should not.


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Betrayal in the South


PaperBack: $15.00
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It is 1958. Fifty professional musicians (24 singers, 26 instrumentalists) leave New York to tour the country as the James Wilton Chorale under the leadership of the Chorale’s founder, Jimmy Wilton.

There are eight main characters, five singers and three instrumentalists. As this racially and religiously mixed group travels south, tensions rise and the specters of segregation, racism, anti-Semitism, and other prejudices plague the Chorale. Conductor Jimmy Wilton struggles to keep the group focused on music, despite the horrific lengths to which some Southerners go to protect their “white” way of life. The experience leaves deep scars on all, both physical and emotional.

After its stint in the South, the tour moves on to the mid-West, dealing with a major snowstorm that disrupts their movements. By the time the group starts moving back into the northeast and begins to face the end of the tour and their return to life in New York City, dramatic damages have been done.

Everyone tries to come to grips with the reality of the life they now have to deal with. The specter of their experiences continues to invade their lives until the final denouement.


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Murder on Longboat Key


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Real estate agents are being attacked up and down Longboat Key, Florida, which offers for sale some of the most expensive homes in the area. When Agent Marta Vining comes up missing after the private showing of a waterfront estate to an unknown client, it seems likely that the “stalker” has struck again. But this perception changes as the investigation brings into the mix totally disparate characters, many of whom seem to have a reason to prefer Marta out of the way. Suddenly the incident no longer seems random. It is personal.

Woven into the fabric of three diverse lifestyles—New York City, Southwestern Virginia and Sarasota, Florida—are the separate lives which are brought together by this one murder. Jennie Worth, Marta’s “partner” in their real estate office; her mother Anne; her stepfather Tommie Lee Samples; her boss Neal Corbett; Marta’s ex-husband Jeff Vining; the real estate office manager Callie, and almost every woman with whom Marta came into contact, even peripherally, would have been perfectly happy without her in their lives.

Lt. Bill Charles, a Sarasota Police Detective, is charged with the thankless task of unraveling the many threads which bring these people together. His first problem—did she die of accidental drowning or was she murdered? His second problem—bring to light the many secrets his potential suspects try to keep hidden from him, generally on the assumption that the information is irrelevant to the case. His third problem—if it was murder, “who dunnit”, how and why?

The story is narrated by the characters themselves, each in his or her own chapters, so we see the events (both past and present) through their eyes. The murderer is naturally revealed in the final chapter, but the information gleaned along the way takes us into the lives of the characters in ways a straight narration could never do. Start reading and you won’t want to put it down.


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Stand Your Ground


PaperBack Price: $10.00
Ebook Price (Mobi and Epub): $3.99


Christina Putnam, a black army lieutenant, is raped and then stalked by Carlton Adams, a white Air Force pilot she meets in Afghanistan.

Knowing the military’s manner of handling its female members’ accusations against its men, Christina decides not to file a complaint, but rather gives up her military career and returns home.

She marries Paul Tyler, has a child (Merlina), and looks forward to a happy life with her family–until Carlton reappears, looking for her and planning to renew their previous relationship. When he makes his move, Christina shoots but only wounds him.

The local district attorney decides to charge Christina with attempted voluntary 1st degree manslaughter. Christina’s attorney sees the case as a perfect opportunity to use the Stand Your Ground defense, which was so much in the news during an earlier trial of a white man who shot a black teenager. Christina’s trial is fully delineated in the main body of the story.

Following the trial, life changes for Christina and her family as the story moves to its almost inevitable conclusion, one which may well surprise the reader.


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Terrorism Begins In the Home


Paperback Price: $10.00


Widower Jason Bender moves into The Southern Towers Apartments with two goals. The first is to finally retire and enjoy the rest of his life. The second is to carry out a task assigned to him by his old friend and mentor General Robert Hotchkiss.

Unfortunately, the job Robert has assigned to him takes up more time and attention than originally anticipated and the pleasure of retirement takes a back seat. Jason finds himself drawn more and more into the web of a terrorist cell with connections to his new place of residence.

In the meantime, Jason becomes the object of attention to the many widows who populate the Towers. He, however, is attracted to only one, a former nun, and he quickly finds himself juggling his desire to spend time with her and the time and attention required by his obligation to his country, as represented by Robert.

The duality of his interests and obligations lead finally to their natural conclusions, but not without terror and danger rearing their ugly heads along the way.


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When Is It Our Turn – Short Story


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Long-time friends, Annette and Hannah, meet for lunch and their conversation turns, as it so often does, to their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the younger generation. As middle-aged women, both having been brought up to show respect to their elders and both feeling that their children should also be respected as individuals, they often ask each other when it will become their turn to be shown respect, love and caring. They hope that perhaps old age will bring them what they need.

As Annette sifts through the memories of her early life, her German Jewish immigrant parents, with their own set of values and problems, Hannah is going through much the same processes. Each woman’s reminiscences have been stirred by various people and circumstances in their lives.

Although for some unknown reason, Annette’s and Hannah’s friendship ends, the question, WHEN, remains foremost in the minds of both until it is answered in its own way for each woman.


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